Our newly launched "Les Petits Enfants" (French for "the little children") packages are all-inclusive children event packages specifically catered for kids aged 1-9 years old with a guest count of 15-20 children (maximum 20, child guests, no exceptions). In it, our Clients receive every party element imaginable included in the package for one set price! We have an array of 19 themed editions to choose from that you and the kids will be sure to love! From decor, to event supplies, to food, to birthday cake, to entertainment...We got you covered! All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • 1.) Fill out our Contact Form

  • 2.) We'll send you a link to our "Les Petits Enfants" Questionnaire

  • 3.) You select your desired package

  • 4.) We'll send you an invoice along with a contract to officially secure your booking!

  • 5.) You'll sit back, relax, & wait to be crowned with the "Most Fun Parent of the Year" award! After all, it's true!