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Holiday Fashion Gift Guide

I've always been the girl who appreciated the world of fashion and what it meant to express oneself through their wardrobe. Having said that, I wholeheartedly value the idea of quality over quantity, especially, when it comes to staple wardrobe pieces and accessories. But what if you don't always want to spend so much on solely clothes...? Well, in this blog, I'll give you the low-down for how I, personally, approach all things fashion.

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Personally, I refer to my wardrobe style as what I like to call the 3C's: Classy, Chic & Conservative. Typically, my approach is to seek classic pieces that not only exude a certain level of sophistication, but also stand the test of time. Although, I must admit that sometimes this is easier said then done, especially with so many items carrying such high designer price tags, and if you know anything about my frugal Taurus zodiac sign, then you'd know that I'm not always a fan of that haha!! Thus why, I consider myself (and most likely, always will haha!!) a high-low girl when it comes to fashion, cultivating a series of high & low priced wardrobe pieces & accessories in order to still achieve a chic and sophisticated look!

And, if you're one of the several peeps that always show me love for my fits on IG (a BIG MERCI by the way!!!), or you love to shop decadence on a dime, or maybe you just need some ideas for your personal holiday shopping list with a focus on fashion, then check out the links below for a roundup of my favorite outfit ensembles & accessories of the year below! Sharing is caring right?! So here, I'm sharing with you some of my great finds and quality designer dupes, so that you too can achieve that high-end look for a fraction of the cost. Oh yes, and full disclaimer: Some of these pieces I've already had like literally forever (remember what I said earlier about standing the test of time?), so the original links are long gone :-( (I'm so sorry!!!), butttt I've linked some great comparable alternatives in place of them!

Ensemble #1

Forever Checkered Hat (Sold out online; I'm so sorry guys!!!; The quality of this beret is unmatched and I hate it when this happens!!), I don't know about the physical store locations, so it may be worth a try to look, but here is a somewhat comparable alternative at Shein)

Macy's Ralph Lauren Black Peacoat (The black version seems to be sold out everywhere; but I love the camel version as well; Here is a link to a comparable alternative)

Amazon Striped Briefcase (Ugh, so they recently changed the buckles on this; I have the gold ones that snap, which I love that hardware feature, but this version still hits and way less than what I had paid)

Nine West Gold Heeled Booties (These are great Tom Ford Dupes!!! The Tom Ford Boots version typically retail for $1,990.00; FYI: These boots aren't made for walking haha!!!)

Ensemble #2

Retro Round Shades (I like to refer to these as my John Lennon shades)

Ralph Lauren Peacoat (same as description in Ensemble #1)

Black Over-The-Knee Boots (Over 8 years old so, I can't Recall, but here is a great alternative from BP)

Ensemble #3

Candy Cane Cardigan (Sold out, so sorry guys!!!; All the button down cardigans were sold out, but here's an alternative; This is also a cute find that I will also be snagging haha!!)

Embellished Headband (Sold out from Aldo last year, but I linked a great alternative, that I already snagged before y'all sell it out haha!!)

Ensemble #4

SOJOS White Sunglasses (These are a great dupe for Celine sunglasses! Celine version here)

Ensemble #5

Ralph Lauren Peacoat (same as description in Ensemble #1)

Headscarf (Great Hermes Dupe! Hermès version)

Red Saldana Pump (FYI: Not the comfiest; You've been warned haha!!)

Ensemble #6

Ralph Lauren Peacoat (same as description in Ensemble #1)

Deep Black Retro Round Shades (I believe I purchased these from Boohoo, and if I did they are sold out, but I linked a great alternative)

Black Faux Leather Corset Belt (Sold out, but I linked a great alternative; here's another option Option #2)

Ensemble #7

Same as Ensemble #2

Ensemble #8

Express Magenta Wrap Coat (FYI: Size down; I got an XL and should have gotten a Medium)

Black & White Striped Button Up (Unfortunately, sold out; Best dupe I could find is linked)

Magenta Pants (Sold out; Originally purchased from Express; Unable to find a great alternative)

Black Kitten Heels (They were gifted to me, but I linked a dupe that is extremely similar)

Ensemble #9

Karl Lagerfeld Double Breasted Blazer (I love any patterns; striped, plaid, you name it, and these remind me of Burberry, which is another one of my favorite brands)

Burberry Shades (Clear shades w/UV protection sold out, but I've linked an alternative "Cat Eye" style currently on sale at Macy's)

Well guys...That's all for now! I'm bummed several of the items were sold out, but there is still hope (waiting lists) and time to get the remaining pieces! Please be sure to share this post with your family, friends, colleagues, or anyone who you think could benefit from these great fashion finds!

Disclaimer: Although, everything I share is my truth, this post does contain affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using some of my links. But no worries, I give you all the real tea and I wouldn't recommend anything that I don't wholeheartedly stand by!

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