MONEY TALKS 101: Making Funds FUN!!!

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They say money talks and boyyyy does it say a lot!!! Admittedly, for a long time I was a tad bit frivolous in my expenditures, and often wondered why money, seemingly, went through my hands like water. Of course​, certain variables such as the economy, school loans, and inflation affect the overall status quo. But they also make your AGI appear to remain at an equilibrium, which isn't always the case. Let me start off my saying, I'm just a saver by nature, which definitely helps, but I also like luxurious, nice things. Ya see THAT'S the caveat! I learned ways of financial diligence through research, consistency, and lots of Dave Ramsey podcasts.

Over time, I gradually, I went about my finances in a more methodical way and immediately saw a major difference in how I processed the thought of money altogether. Now, I have a long ways to go where I wanna be, but I'd like to share some tips that may start you off on your "get right" financial journey! Especially, my longtime followers who want to save up for a wedding or a party. So therefiore, here are my top initial "5 Fave Ways to Save Money."

1.) Use Your Common Cents!

No really…buy a piggy bank, make a money jar, open up an account where there is no physical bank branch, whatever you gotta do to save that loose change! You'll be surprised at how quickly it adds up. Be disciplined and don't take out money for several months or even after a year or 2, or better yet, even more with a 3 or 5 year CD. Your stacking up without even thinking about it. And with a CD you're earning interest (aka FREE money) for not touching it, which is a win-win (especially, when you start off with a nice deposit). So shake your money maker (I just had to Lol). You'll be breaking the piggy bank before ya know it...Literally! Hello...can someone say CHA-CHING!

2.) Emergency Fund

You've heard that it is wise to maintain an emergency fund. Financial gurus typically say put aside 10-15% of your AGI. Our downfall is that we start to procrastinate and say "Ehh, I'll start next paycheck." That's the problem...START NOW! It's the New Year! Start by even putting aside $1 a day for a "never think about it" account and have $365 by the end of the year. Not to mention interest, if your bank is so kind to give a decent amount. What's a dollar or two a day? I'm pretty sure you won't miss it much, but you'll love having it for that unexpected car brake repair, your pet's vet bill, or even surplus Christmas money at the end of the year.

3.) Rainy Day FUN-ds!

So wanna go out to that dinner & movie, but its that time of the month...No ladies not THAT time. I mean the time where all bills seem to hit you all at once, i.e. rent, loans, phone, insurance, etc. Well I say go ahead and enjoy that dinner and movie...IF you have a rainy day fund that is. I know I just told you keep an emergency fund and that still sticks. But the truth is you cannot keep saving and have no fun. It'll be too hard to stay focused if you don't treat yourself and your living miserably on rice and beans day in and day out (Sorry Dave Ramsey, this is just my personal opinion). Life is too short, so yes, you should be responsible with money, but also treat yourself to life's simple pleasures every once in a while. So start a rainy day fund for those rainy days. No credit cards equals no guilt.

4.) Queen of Coups!

I like to think of myself as the Coupon Queen. The Dutchess of Deals if you will. You may think I'm getting carried away, but I cannot even begin to tell you how great coups are. Food, clothes, shoes, medicine, car repairs, and more. You name it and there is a coup for that. When shopping online look for promo codes before you check out. When getting you're prescription filled, ask the doc if he or she has any coupon deals. You'd be surprise at how much lower your grand total becomes.

5.) Happy Birthday To Me FREEBIES!!!

So I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday and I took full advantage of all the freebies I got. Tony Roma emailed me a deal for a free appetizer, while another bistro offered me a free dessert. Havana Central won hands down with a free entrée AND dessert coupon. But best believe, ya girl will take fll advantage of it ALL Lol. Finally, the Bare Escentuals makeup & skincare brand emailed me a deal for a free eye shadow in one of my fave shades. I mean to get things for free just cause its your birthday is a win-win for me!

Well guys...That's all for now! I really hope you found these tips really helpful, and hope you start applying them to go financial journey if you haven't already! Please be sure to share them with your family & friends who you think could benefit from these tips!

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