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Creative Brand Design

Do you have a business that desperately needs a cohesive brand along with brand imagery, but you just don't know where to start? Listen, branding is such a major part of your business because it represents what your company stands for. How will people buy from you if they don't really know what your company is about? 

Stephanie will help diagnose what you want your brand to represent and will curate and book a specialized, stylized branded photo & video shoot package equipped with a mood board, outfit inspiration & outfit breakdown, scout shoot locations, photo shot list, reels inspo ideas, photographer & videographer...the whole nine! Don't leave your branding up in the air or to chance.


We work with all types of industries. Make sure to book our creative brand design services today!

We'll create a customized package for you based on your questionnaire submission, which will provide us with the framework necessary to create an exceptional brand design package that is curated to your overall vision. You'll receive specialized planning assistance with:

  • Brand Style Inspiration & Creative Direction

  • Wardrobe Styling Inspiration & Outfit Breakdown

  • Scout Shoot Locations (Including Booking Studio Locations if applicable)

  • Booking Photographer & Videographer

  • Photography Shot List

  • Videography Shot List (i.e. Reels; Short clip Videos That Can Be Used For Instagram; Tik Tok; Facebook; Pinterest; etc.)

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