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Part 1: 5 Awesome Ways To Make Your Wedding Fun...

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We've all been there more times than we can count right...? The same hum-drum wedding routine with the sameee corny bridal party entrance, and the sameee bland "fish w/asparagus" dinner plate, and the sameee...Well you get my drift right?? It's BORRRINGGGG!!! Listen...Don't be that guy, or couple rather, who has guests yawning from the start of the ceremony all the way through the reception until Donna Summer's "Last Dance."

You're probably thinking well it's my wedding not an amusement park (and, yes, you kinda have a valid point), but au contraire mon frére, although it isn't necessarily Six Flags Great Adventure, your guests are coming to celebrate YOU and they should still anticipate somewhat of a good time, and how do you accomplish that by being the same as everyone else...? Newsflash, you don't! That's why I'm bringing you the tea on some easy ways to make your wedding go from drab to FAB (!!!), so that's it isn't a snooze fest! Oh and please don't feel like your wedding will be boring if you don't do any one of these. Consider these as just inspiration based on what you like and what may resonate with you! There are a slew of other things that you can do to turn up the fun, and you'll find more ideas in my Part 2 blog post here.

1.) Rock the House

Call me a sucker for some live playing instrumentals with a singer to rock the house! My most fun weddings all had live bands! Coincidence?! I think not! DJs are cool too, but if you're up for a change then I recommend a live band. It'll get your guests out on the dance floor, which is always a plus! And if you HAVE to have a DJ, then you can always switch it up and bring a live band in for the after party.

2.) Specialty Food Trucks

Ahhh FOODDD!!! One of the finer things in life (Hey I'm a Taurus and thee ultimate foodie. It's our way of life. So I think it's safe to say that I'm that wedding guest who totally judges the quality of food at a wedding #sorrynotsorry Haha!!). Anyways, what better way to draw in your inner-child then to book an ice cream truck for your wedding. Guests will appreciate something fun and different versus that boring fish-plate. Plus, it always adds a nice personal touch if you and your boo met at a food truck or went to an ice cream parlor as your very first date! Obviously, something like an ice cream, gelato, or any type of food truck for that matter, is better equipped for the summer months, and is a great option for an outdoor wedding.

3.) Specialty Beverage Trucks

YES! There is such a thing! Wanna tap bar?....Wine bar?...Mimosas?! Or perhaps rosé being poured all day?! Well...We got a truck for that! It'll have your guests feeling ALL the feels (emotionally and literally Haha!!). And it'll be a great place for them to mingle.

4.) Bonfire

Chillen and snuggling by the fire always sounds like a good time to me. Add some good music, s'mores, and fun stories, and that sounds like the perfect way to end the night! One of my clients did this at her wedding and it evoked such a magical atmosphere. This just goes to show you that sometimes a little goes a very long way.

5.) Wedding Weekend Itinerary

Guests love to feel that they were thought of. Some hate having to find a sitter for their kids...take off from far...the list goes on and on. Why not make their troubles worth it by creating a fun-filled weekend with cool activities that they can do in town. An added bonus is that at Mariage Blanc Designs, we actually create hotel bags filled with treats, maps, a wedding schedule, & wedding transportation details so that your guests are all set, and they are not left wondering about all the important wedding details like ceremony start time, directions, parking, etc. Plus, it'll feel like a nice mini getaway for your guests, especially, the ones with kids!

Well guys...That's all for now! I really hope you found these tips extremely helpful, and make sure to check out Part 2. Remember these tips do not only apply to weddings, but they can also be used for all events across the board. Please be sure to share them with your family & friends who you think could benefit from these tips! Also if you enjoyed this blog post, then this is just tip of the iceberg! Make sure to join my VIP list so that you're in on all our juicy tea, tips, package specials, and more lifestyle content. Sign up here.


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