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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift: 10 Super Thoughtful Ideas

The month of May is short for mayday & mayhem with regards to holidays, and with Mother's Day sneaking up on us...I got a bit proactive by instigating a celebratory Mother's Day plan.

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So, I’m going to share with you some of the ways that I've celebrated my own Mom for Mother's day, but also new ways that I'm amped up to try as well. And always remember, Mother's Day is only one celebratory holiday where we celebrate the contributions of all mothers, but make sure you always express this love to your own mother whether she is here physically, or you're celebrating her legacy in spirit.

10 Super Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1.) Mother's Day Brunch

Now if you're the ambitious type then maybe hosting a Mother's Day brunch for your mother is right up your alley. You can invite close family & friends, which would typically include other mothers as well. It's a nice way to spoil your Mom for the day and make her feel like the queen she is! Whether or not this is your first rodeo, you're going to want to start early (at least 1-2 weeks out; Hey, I'm a planner, so what did you expect?) just to make sure you have a set plan of execution in place. If you need a few pointers on how to execute said brunch, then be sure to check out my blog post titled 10 Simple Tips for Hosting a Spring Brunch On Budget. You'll be happy you did!


2.) Mother's Day Brunch Cruise

Now I know I already mentioned brunch, however a brunch on a yacht deserves a whole category of it's own. Several years ago, my younger brother and I purchased tickets to a NYC Mother's Day Brunch Cruise, at the Piers, and when I tell you…They did not disappoint! My mother had a BLAST! There was food, live music, views, and most of all VIBESSS. She had so much fun, and it was so nice seeing her so cheerful & happy. It was definitely a Mother’s Day to remember and she won’t ever forget it! And, if luncheons and dinner are more your vibe, then they offer that as well! Just click this link to book your date!


3.) Mother’s Day Breakfast-In-Bed

Now I don’t think anyone will ever decline breakfast in bed, especially moms! But this, is especially great for mothers whose children are on the younger side. I mean you’re usually catering to your kids, and so it is great when the roles are reversed. And, even if the kitchen ends up being a mess afterwards…It’s usually the thought and sentiment that ultimately prevails. Plus, hopefully, dad is in the kitchen helping to command kitchen duty, and most importantly, helping to clean! If you’re not the best chef then there is nothing wrong with going to your mom’s favorite deli and ordering her breakfast that way, and since I am a sucker for presentation…Go ahead and purchase the popular breakfast-in-bed table with some flowers in a vase and give yourself a pat on the back for going the extra mile for the one who truly deserves it!

4.) Mother’s Day Flowers

Since we’ve covered a lot of breakfast options…I’ve figured that we switch gears a little bit. Now you don’t have to do just one activity or just one gift, you can do a combo or a series (Yes, my Mom is SPOILED haha). But, if you do indeed desire to budget for mainly one gift, your mom will still appreciate it very much. And, I think (for the most part) you can never miss with traditional Mother’s Day Flowers. My mom absolutely adores flowers, and her birthday falls right after Mother’s Day, so this woman is always expecting flowers haha. My brother and I normally order her bouquets via our local florist, and she always appreciates the sentiment. And because her birthday falls so close and it’s when the spring weather starts to really blossom, she always gets a duo deal where we give her a gift card to Lowes so she can jumpstart on growing her floral garden and landscape. I’m telling you right now, you can’t go wrong giving any adult a gift card to Lowes or Home Depot.

5.) Mother’s Day Gift Basket

I think gift baskets are highly underrated because we’re so used to seeing the generic ones from big corporations. But, I think the best ones are where you take the initiative with the do-it-yourself route and cater the basket to the recipients’ favorite items. To help you come up with some more ideas, I’ve listed some categories to get your creative juices flowing on what items to purchase. If you'd like a more in-depth tutorial of how I created my own version of a "Green Thumb" themed Mother's Day gift basket, I've included an example in the video below.

·       Rest & Relaxation Gift Basket – Slippers; Plush Robe; Eye Mask; Massage Gun; Aromatherapy Candle; Bath Scrub; Body Oils; Body Balm; Body Cream; Chamomile Tea; Tea Cup

·       Green Thumb Gardening Gift Basket – Garden Seeds; Hand Trowel; Spading Fork; Pruning Shears; Garden Gloves; Water Can; Pot(s); Lowes Gift Card; Garden Mug Cup; Knee Cushion

·       Cozy Movie Night – Movie DVDs; Popcorn Box or Bag of Popcorn Kernels; Popcorn Holder; Movie Theatre Candy; Soda Bottle; Cozy Blanket; Cozy Socks; Gift Card To Local Pizza Spot

Watch It Here

6.) Mother’ Day Jewelry

I’d say jewelry is usually another win-win type of Mother’s Day gift because it is generally worn amongst so many women to begin with. It’s the perfect accessory that can easily be worn dressed up or down, and appreciated by everyone from the most over-the-top fashionista to the most modern minimalist. Bonus points when you get more personalized pieces that spell out the name Mom...Mother…Mama…or Ma! If you’re looking for a special piece like that then Macy’s has some really good ones that are currently on sale!


7.) Mother’s Day Getaway

There's nothing like a little nice getaway to break up the monotony of life's mundane day-to-day routine. And, moms will certainly enjoy the change of pace & scenery. I recall when my brother and I booked a Mother's Day/Birthday trip to Savannah, Georgia several years ago (it was a JetBlue getaway that included flights & hotel for $333.00 per person. If that isn't a sign then I don't know what is!), and our mother thoroughly enjoyed herself! I made a 3-day itinerary (of course...What do you expect from this Planner? haha) full of fun activities that I knew my mother would truly enjoy. They ranged from a Southern Baptist gospel dinner cruise, strolling the quarter streets of Savannah, and historical tours. Of course, you're going to need to do some finagling since you'll want to make sure that your mom's schedule coincides with the days you booked. We had to tell her a little bit in advance for her to get her approved PTO and make it happen. 

8.) Mother’ Day Massage

I think it's safe to say that being a mother is both a beautiful blessing, and one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs of all time. That said, I am sure that a lot of moms' idea of the perfect Mother's Day involve straight rest & relaxation! What better way to do this than with a full-on spa day?! This can include a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, Botox, or even all of the above! Just remember to gauge your mother's perspective on how she would like to celebrate her special day. 

9.) Mother’s Day Retail Therapy

This may be sort-of cliché, but let's be for real...A large portion of women (which include many moms) like to shop. I mean who doesn't like to shop?? Haha. But your mom is always so busy shopping for everyone else, that it would be great for her to shift focus onto herself for a change. Maybe she is interested in a new wardrobe, or getting those cute pair of shoes that she has been eyeing for a while, but perhaps felt guilty about treating herself. I think it's safe to say that lots of moms do not get many chances to treat themselves. They're so busy giving and showing up for their families, and so a little retail therapy might be just the thing to put a big smile on her face. 

10.) Mother’s Day Appliances

So I know this technically goes hand-in-hand with retail therapy, but I was speaking more with regards to apparel for the previous idea tip. And so, for this idea...I wanted to hone in more on appliances. Now I know that this idea may come off as a bit faux pas because mothers want to feel appreciated and appliances brings it right back to the many tasks that tie them into being a busy mom. However, I think it is safe to say that most adults love a new appliance! Especially, one that will make their lives easier. Having said that, go on ahead and splurge on that Ninja Blender that you mom wants for her smoothies, or that famous KitchenAid Mixer to elevate her baking hobby, or even the popular Dyson vacuum cleaner for bragging rights. Even though, it is an appliance, it's one that makes you mom's life easier, and she'll think of you every time she uses it, so mission accomplished!

Well guys...That's all I got for now! I really hope you were able to get some great ideas to put into full effect for your Mother's Day plans . Make sure to subscribe to my VIP email guest list if you haven't done so already as to not miss any of the goodies I share every month! Au revoir w/confetti!- XOXO


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