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10 Simple Tips For Hosting a Spring Inspired Bougie Brunch-On-a-Budget

Photo Credit: Purroy Productions

Listen...I don't know about you, but I'm completely over this drabby winter weather and I'm ready to welcome spring in with wide open arms! And what better way to speak this into existence then to host a spring-themed brunch?! More specifically, I'm going to give you guys my 10 easy tips on how I execute a bougie brunch-on-a-budget, and how you can too! So read on for the tea!

If you're anything like me, then part of the fun in entertaining is the actual process of brainstorming ideas and transitioning them from conceptualization to execution. Now, it is important to keep in mind that when the approach is bougie on a budget...You make sure that you have a healthy juxta positioning of both bougie and budget because you can definitely successfully implement a satisfying balance of both, and I am going to show you how to achieve just that. So listed below are my 10 simple tips to help you execute a Bougie Brunch On a Budget.


1.) Find Inspiration

First things first...I need to hone in on the general understanding of how I approach this and every other event that I facilitate. Whenever I approach any event big or small, I always opt for finding inspiration first in order to determine the theme. Now you can pull inspo from anywhere...Be it a museum, an art installation, a magazine, a place, or even a season like I did. You can literally be inspired by anything(!!!) BUT a good source to utilize if you need inspiration is with an awesome resource called Pinterest. Pinterest is literally my GO-TO search engine for ideas if I am not feeling too inspired or need assistance in further developing an idea that I may have difficulty in narrowing down, which brings me to tip number 2 below...

2.) Choose & Develop Your Theme

Once you're done sifting through inspirational ideas and have determined your theme, you're going to want to develop it further. And, since I am feening for spring time to get here already(!!!)....The theme name that I've decided for this bougie brunch on a budget is "Spring Awakening." So reverting back to Pinterest...Once you get your theme in place, Pinterest is a great resource to conceptualize and develop your theme even more by providing you with a plethora of ideas for various elements and details for your event, such as your invitations, party décor, food menu items, & cocktails.

3.) Figure Out Your Guest List

Next you're going to want to figure out who you want to invite and create a guest list. Now if you have followed me for a while then you already know that my take on modest budget-based events, is that it is always a good rule of thumb to make the guest list as small and intimate as possible. This allows you to go harder on the bougier side of things, which is what we are aiming to do to achieve that cute aesthetic!

4.) Determine Your Budget

As with anything, it's important to create a budget so that you don't get too carried away with spending on supplies. Each event is up to the individual, however severable variables that you'll want to consider, of course, are guest count, food & beverage ingredients, décor, and party supplies, just to name a few. I think for a bougie brunch on a budget-a maximum guest count of 10 for $300-$500 is a pretty safe bet. Of course, feel free to update your budget total according to your guest size, needs, and wants.

5.) Create Your Invites

Another great money saver is digital invites. And a great resource that many use, (including myself) to execute said invites is Canva. Their plans include a free option, and they have an array of templates to choose from. Just search spring templates, select one, and edit the invite details accordingly to your event specifications. Then save it as an image file (pro tip: it is better to save it as a PNG file for greater resolution), and then you're good to go! Simply text the image to your guests and voila(!!!) you have an easy, free, and aesthetically-pleasing invite!

6.) Search Your Inventory

Now it is important that I mention this disclaimer...Since designing events is literally what I do at Mariage Blanc Designs, I have a plethora of event decor from my inventory arsenal from past events that I've facilitated, and I've done my fair share of spring-themed events. Therefore, I will utilize flowers, trays, cake stands, flower pots, extra party supplies, and whatever else I already have in order to execute my brunch. I'll even incorporate DIY projects with some of the items that I already have. However, if this is your first time hosting a themed event and you do not have any decor then see if you have anything around your home or storage that would help contribute to the general style & theme of spring. Yes, this includes rummaging through your wardrobe closet and seeing what fancy spring or floral inspired outfits you already own that would help elevate the overall vibe of the entire event. Or you can even just buy a top on sale that goes with the theme like this top that I am wearing in the image below.

7.) Shop Event Décor

Check out your local dollar stores for themed decor, plateware, drinkware, or cute accent supplies like these cute spoons and forks. The idea is to buy someee of the items from the dollar store...Not all. That is where your decor can quickly go from cute and chic to super tacky. Some other stores I love to browse and shop at for my events include Michaels, AC Moore, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. These stores usually have great finds when it comes to themed décor especially seasonal and signage pieces that can tie in beautifully with your event.

8.) Decide On Your Food Menu Items

Determine what the menu will consist of. Now since we're doing a brunch for this, then you might want to stick to some brunch staples like waffles, pancakes, muffins, croissants, bundt cakes, bacon, sausage, quiches, fruits, etc. A great way to cut down on food costs is by providing a meatless menu, but if you have to have meat then there are definitely some modest ways of incorporating that too, such as sausage links along with bacon strips & bits. To elevate our spring inspired theme even more, I added some loose flowers to some of the food items as seen in the above image.

9.) Create Fun Cocktails & Beverages

I absolutely loveee tying in cocktails to all my event themes. Typically, mimosas are synonymous with brunches, and so I did a spring-inspired twist to one for this brunch. But of course, you can do any cocktail of your choice. Being that this is a "bougie brunch on a budget"...In order to save on ingredients, supplies, & create convenience for oneself-I definitely recommend doing a cocktail punch as the way to go. If you want to know how I executed my spring inspired cocktail punch-Here are further details of my spiked take on a lemonade beverage.

10.) Prep In Advance

I can't stress this enough...Preparation is key when hosting any event! Take it from this seasoned vet...Try to do as much in advance as possible. Obviously, we cannot apply this concept to the food so much as with our other items, as we want the food to be as fresh as possible, however we can purchase all the food that can be stored in the fridge1-2 weeks prior depending on what the food items are. You'll want to to do all the DIY projects that you saved on your Pinterest well in advance. Please, take it from me...Do NOT wait until the last minute. You'll be staying up late, or won't get to finish, which is always a total bummer! Also, you can start to lay out and place your food chargers, plates, trays, drinkware, décor, and other supplies. Trust me, it seems so small, but it'll give you complete peace of mind when it comes to the day of your event.

Well, there you have it guys! This is pretty much my basic framework that I utilize with every event that I facilitate. I hope this helped inspire you to take your own approach to your bougie brunch on a budget. Be sure to follow me on all things social and DM me photos of how your bougie brunches turned out! Until next time, au revoir with confetti!


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