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Is A Destination Wedding Right For You? Find Out Now...

Believe it or not there are several major benefits to booking a destination wedding that many couples are completely unaware of. And you'd be surprised to find out what they are. Check out what I consider the top 8 major benefits (in no particular order) to hosting a destination wedding.

1.) You Always Dreamed Of It...

Growing up did you ever daydream about your future dream wedding? If so, I bet your ultimate dream wedding wasn't in your hometown. No shade if it was...I mean maybe your hometown is Barbados (shrugs shoulders). My point is that when most of us dream...We dream BIG, and if you're dreams aren't out of this world, or in this case, out-of-the-country, then you're not dreaming big enough. Now this could very well not apply to you, which is fine, but I would bet that most people think of their ultimate wedding experience being just that...thee ultimate experience!

2.) You're Ready & Willing To Keep The Guest List Minimal

Ok, so my #2 tip might sound a bit shady to some. So fair warning here haha (!!!), but let's keep it all the way real...If you're anything like me, you're introverted-self only wants the love of your life and all your ride or die loved ones that are 1000% rooting for you, there at your wedding. It's not to say that others wouldn't be happy for you, but there's nothing like feeling the love of all your ride or dies all-together. With a destination wedding you kinda weed out the people that wouldn't lose sleep over missing your wedding, and when you think about it that way...Well, good riddance! Haha!! (Just kiddin...kinda) Now don't get me wrong, cause it's not to say that these people don't care that you're getting married, but generally speaking most people would consider it too much of a hassle to get a passport/renew a passport, request several PTO days from their job, hire a babysitter for several days, purchase a plane ticket, book hotel rooms, book transportation in a whole different country, navigate a foreign-speaking country, account for food & beverage costs, and not to mention getting their wedding attire in order, along with the wedding gift for the couple. If you're looking to downsize your guest list, but you don't want any of those awkward moments of choosing who gets a spot on the list and who gets nixed, then hosting a destination wedding is a great alternative option. Lastly, I will say that this, obviously, isn't 100% fool-proof. Maybe you have a serious number of ride or die family & friends, or maybe your guests just got it like that (shrugs shoulders), or maybe several of the guests will treat it as their own little personal vacay (Hey...I totally would btw Haha!!)...This is one of the minor risks to hosting a destination wedding. However, I say you should know your family & friends pretty well enough to kind-of get an idea of whether they would book a flight or politely decline.

3.) You Love To Travel & Any Excuse To Do It

I don't know about you, but I love to travel and I usually jump on any excuse to make it happen. If you're a couple that loves travel then that is all the more reason that you should consider a destination wedding. Especially, when you think of how fast time flies, and next thing you know you got 2 kids running around you in circles and you look back and regret not taking those weekend-getaway-rendezvous with your significant other, during the honeymoon phase.

4.) You Want To Be Different From The Norm

This kind of ties in with #3 in a way because if you're a couple who likes to travel more often than most, then you two might be described as more of an adventurous couple that likes to go off the beaten path. Usually, this is a good indicator on how you two might want to approach your wedding. Whether or not you're an adventurous couple who travels a lot, a destination wedding is such a fun and unique approach to the average, traditional wedding. Maybe you're more of a worldly person who hasn't had the chance to do a lot of traveling. Or maybe you just want to do something a bit more different from the norm. Whatever your reasoning, a destination wedding is a great way to incorporate a different place, a different culture, different food, a different climate, and ultimately an entirely different atmosphere and experience.

5.) You Wanna Create Unforgettable Memories

As previously mentioned, life goes by so fast, and what's life without epic memories? Another great benefit to having a destination wedding is the unforgettable memories that you'll cherish for a lifetime! Now wait...Cause I already know what you're gonna say...'But, Steph, it doesn't matter where the wedding is. That should always be the case.' Truthfully, yes, you can have fun and create wonderful memories anywhere you are. One important element when it comes to weddings, is that your family and friends are witnessing and celebrating you and your love's LOVE for each other. That will always hold true and one can't discredit that fact despite whatever type of wedding you decide to have. So this in no way is to say that a non-destination wedding won't yield unforgettable memories. However, one can't argue the fact that a destination wedding brings in that unique element of being in an entirely different place or country, which naturally (and usually) makes for some of the greatest and unforgettable memories with family and friends.

6.) You Wanna Save Some Coins

So many people find this next bit hard to believe (and it is usually the most popular reason couples choose the destination wedding route). But, yes, believe it or not, destination weddings usually come with a smaller price tag than non-destination weddings. Of course this is contingent on specific variables (i.e. the actual destination itself, overall guest count, venue, and several other variables). Back in 2020, The Knot reported the average cost for a traditional wedding as being $33,900 versus an average of $8,237.00 cited by Destination Weddings Trend Report. Now I will put in a disclaimer that this $8,237.00 was contingent on the average 30-person guest count, which from a distance might not seem like you're getting a lot, however when you look closer at the grand scheme of things and consider airfare for the couple, venue, the beautiful backdrop, photographer, videographer, and hotel, it actual is a very good deal. Double the guest count and you're in the $20k range, which is still a major difference from $33,900. You might ask how is this even possible? Well for one, a common theme you'll find is that the couple saves a ton by booking an all-inclusive resort wedding package. Many times, it also comes with the couple's own Wedding Planner to oversee the facilitation of their wedding.

7.) You Want It To Feel Like A Vacation

Ahhh...Now who doesn't wanna take a vacation?? (I hear crickets! Haha!!!). Destination weddings take the guess work out of a lot of the wedding planning because a lot of times it's through an all-inclusive resort that takes care of everything for you. It lowkey feels like a vacation once you land and the entire trip is in your honor. I don't know about you, but when I'm on vacation and in a different place, it's usually giving instant stress-relief.

8.) Nature's Wonders

So I think it's quite funny that my "Nature's Wonders" tip would end up being tip #8 (i.e. The whole 8 Wonders of The World thing), which was totally unplanned by the way. But there is something to be said for the stunning backdrops you get when you have a destination wedding. It's like something out of this world cause technically it's an out-of-the-world experience from the normal day-to-day scheduled programming of your life. There is nothing quite like the mountainous backdrops of Italy, or the South of France, or Morocco, or even California or Vegas because who said a destination wedding had to be out of the country. That's right...No one did. Or how about the beautiful beaches in Mexico, St. Lucia, or St. Maarten? Remember, it can be anything you want it to be. Not only will the overall atmosphere and backdrop be stunning, but so will the photos and video. And, those stunning backdrops are just something money can't buy! But don't just take my word from it. Check out the wedding story and actual wedding from one of my favorite Youtubers, Makeup By Shayla. Here she breaks down the do's & don'ts for hosting a destination wedding.

Well guys...That's all for now! I really hope you found these tips extremally helpful. Please be sure to share this blog with your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else who you think could benefit from this information! Also if you enjoyed this blog post, this is just tip of the iceberg! Make sure to join my VIP list so that you're in on all our juicy tea, tips, wedding & event package specials, and more lifestyle content. Get on the VIP list here.


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