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5 Awesome Reasons To Host A December Wedding From A Wedding Planner

It's the holiday season and if you're anything like me then it's your favorite time of year! And, that's normally because many of us make it a point to host more get-togethers, exchange gifts, and just be a little bit more festive and cheerful than we normally are. Add in the bright lights, décor, snowy backdrop, and reason for the season, and well, it's a no brainer for why I think it's the most wonderful time of the year!

But what if I told you that there are even more reasons to love this time of year if you're a bride or groom-to-be? Intrigued? I dive into 5 awesome reasons from the Wedding Planner herself below.

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1.) Church Décor

If you've ever attended mass during the holiday season then you know that many churches jump on the opportunity to deck their halls! Yes, it is pretty standard to find that the the altar and sometimes even the pews are decked out with beautiful balsam fir garlands and a plethora of bright red and white poinsettias, creating a wonderful aroma that is sure to fuel everyone into the Christmas spirit, alongside a nativity scene to pay homage and really highlight the reason for the season, which of course, is to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus! I say all this to say, that by hosting your wedding during the month of December, you can pretty much automatically guarantee that the church will have already been decked, which drastically cuts down the cost of flowers and décor for you! Of course, this concept doesn't apply to all churches, as there are plenty of denominations that do not recognize nor celebrate Christmas (yes, even Christian ones), however it's a pretty safe bet that you'll have an idea on whether your church does or not.

2.) Venue Decor

So this kinda piggy-backs off of reason #1, but it's such a major goodie that I have to include it on the list! Especially, since you'll be spending the majority of your wedding day at the venue itself. Obviously, this will largely depend on the type of venue you select, however many venues will hire a company (usually, their landscaping company or a design company) to hang and set up Christmas décor in order to make it feel more warm and inviting for the holiday season like so many of the stores, homes, and other businesses we see doing the same. Imagine a grand, spiral staircase with pre-lit fir garlands, flowers, and ornaments cascading all the way down to the banister. That's a picture moment whether it's a wedding or not! So why not take advantage of the fact that the venue did a lot of the work for you?! Again, you've just automatically cut down your costs for flowers and decor. Oh(!!!) and bonus pro-tip...Definitely make sure to discuss with the venue how long the holiday décor will be up.

3.) Double The Functionality Of Your Christmas Cards

If you've been following me for a while, then you know my love for 2-in-one tips (!!!), and so here goes another. You can double the functionality of your save-the-dates as Christmas cards. As a matter of fact, you can actually triple it's functionality! How? Well...It can act as a surprise announcement that you're engaged, double as a save-the-date for the wedding, and even act as a Christmas card all-in-one! I don't know about you, but I am all for saving time, energy, and money! Now, how's that for being multi-functional?

4.) Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Now, is it really December if there isn't any snow on the ground? Ok, so please don't quote me or strictly adhere to this philosophy haha!! To clarify, snow isn't totally guaranteed for the month of December, but if you live in the northeast region, like myself, then you can almost bet that they'll be snow on the ground at some point during the month of December. As a matter of fact, it is actually snowing outside as I am writing this...No joke. I mean beautiful, sparkly snow literally sets the stage for a winter wonderland backdrop for your wedding, and it doesn't get any better than that. Of course, it's a catch 22 because snow can a lot to deal with and maneuver around, especially when you run the risk of a potential a snowstorm, however one cannot deny the beauty of this climatic phenomenon, and then when you visualize your wedding pictures in it...Can we say AHHH...GORGEOUS!!!

5.) End The Year With a Bang!

If you got this far and you're highly considering having your wedding in December then great! That means my job here is almost done. I'll wrap it up by saying that, obviously, the month of December is very much recognized as the month with the most holidays and so their seems to be this automatic sense of togetherness if you will. Many are more prone to hosting holiday shindigs and seeing a lot more of their family and friends that they wouldn't typically otherwise see at any other time of the year. Now, for the most part (depending on your particular family), that is usually something a lot of people get excited about! So why not catapult off of that idea by hosting your wedding during the month as well? It'll be the perfect scenario for everyone to gather together once again during the holiday month. Not to mention that you literally end the year with your wedding. Talk about ending the year with a big bang!

Bonus Tip: The Best Wedding Registry Ever!

Now if you're interested in monetary gifts, but don't want to feel weird asking your guests for money (cause I totally get it), you might definitely want to try Birdie, which is by far my favorite cash app registry that specializes in gifting cash for weddings and all kinds of celebrations. Unlike other registries, the recipient instantly gets 100% of the cash amount gifted via text or email. You can also create an easy customizable link for your guests to easily access, and you can select from curated designer templates that make your whole presentation super chic (example pictured to the left). Disclaimer: The guests do pay a $5.00 fee for whatever amount they decide to remit, however that is a small price to pay, which I don't mind paying as long as the recipient doesn't have to pay the fees themselves!

Well guys...That's all for now! I really hope you found these reasons extremely helpful so much that they swayed your decision to have a winter wonderland wedding and give new meaning to the phrase, "white wedding!" Be sure to share this blog with your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else who you think could benefit from this information! Also if you enjoyed this blog post, then this is just tip of the iceberg! Make sure to join my VIP list so that you're in the know of all our juicy tea, tips, wedding & event package specials, and more lifestyle content. Get on the VIP list here.

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