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Feeling High "On Cloud 9" Cocktail

So the incoming warm weather has definitely gotten your girl on Cloud 9 and so I thought...Hmmm...What a perfect inspo to make a fun drink!

Photo Credit: Purroy Productions

So, I'm sharing with you how to make this cute, unique, cocktail and how it will have your guests calling you the hostess with the mostess! Just FYI...One of the key ingredients to this drink will be cotton candy, as it will essentially play the major role of the "clouds" in our "On Cloud 9" cocktail. So head over to the store, or Amazon and purchase it here like I did (this one tastes very good...I couldn't stop eating it! haha!!)

My "On Cloud 9" Cocktail Ingredients Are Listed Below:


  • 1 qty 4 oz bag of cotton candy (I purchased this one off Amazon, and it tasted real good...Like the real cotton candy we grew up with at the carnival...Ahh nostalgic vibes!); You can use whatever brand or flavor you'd like, however I opted to use wedding cake flavor simply because I wanted my cotton candy to give the actual appearance of "white clouds," but you can still find different flavors with the same white color cotton candy)


  • 1 Splash of Sparkling Water

Wine & Liquor

  • 1 Bottle of Moscato (I'm using 1 of my favorites from Risata called Moscato D'Asti) 1 Shot of Vodka or Rum of choice


  • Ice cubes (optional)

You're going to roll up some of the cotton candy into balls big enough to be held by the rim of your desired drinkware. Just a little more FYI...The smaller the rim size of your drinkware, and the bigger the cotton candy ball, the easier it'll be to hold the cotton candy up without any logistical issues. But please keep in mind that the fizz of the drink will gradually consume and reduce the size of the cotton candy causing it to fall into the glass. So you'll want to arrange these drinks 15-20 minutes prior to your guests arriving. You can also utilize fancy toothpicks to prolong the hold of the cotton candy even longer, but I was fine with my cotton candy ball of clouds lasting for quite a while.

If you'd like a more in-depth tutorial of how I created this drink then click the link below!

Watch It Here

Well, there you have it guys! This delicious drink is sure to bring in the feel good spring vibes! I hope this helped inspire you to take your own approach to your bougie brunch on a budget. Be sure to follow me on all things social and DM me photos of how your bougie brunch cocktails turned out! Until next time, au revoir with confetti!

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