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Cheers To Tunes, Tacos, & Tequila With My Watermelon Sugar High Margarita!

So I think Harry Styles definitely spazzed when he made his hit song "Watermelon Sugar" because I'm still literally OBSESSED with the song, plus, I LOVEEE watermelons so that makes it a win-win! And so, furthermore, do you know what that means…?!?! It meannss that I'll be once again putting my mixology skills to the test! So read-on while I bring you tunes, tacos, & tequila, for your next Taco Tuesday with this, deliciously, mouth-watering, "Watermelon Sugar High" Margarita! ”

Photo Credit: Purroy Productions

So not to toot my own horn or anything, but this cocktail came out sooo so good! I am pretty sure you'll enjoy it too! And it's only right that you blast Harry Styles' song, titled "Watermelon Sugar High," the very popular tune that served as the inspiration for this drink, when you're making it! So turn up your speakers! I've listed all the ingredients and full recipe below.

"Watermelon Sugar High Margarita" Cocktail


-1 Cup of Fresh "Diced" Watermelon

-1 Qty Lime

-1 oz Lime Juice

-Coarse Sugar for Glass Rim

-2 oz Tequila

-1/2 oz Triple sec


  1. ​Prep glass by rubbing lime wedge around the rim & dipping it in coarse sugar.

  2. Blend diced watermelon cubes until smooth.

  3. Strain the juices using a fine strainer.

  4. In a shaker, combine tequila, lime juice, triple sec, watermelon juice, and a handful of crushed ice.

  5. Shake well until the outside of the shaker feels cold.

  6. Fill your sugar-rimmed glass with ice and strain the mixture into it.

  7. Garnish with a lime wheel...

"Typically, margaritas are traditionally rimmed with salt on the top, however since the song, "Watermelon Sugar," is the inspiration for this cocktail...I decided to take a unique approach and rimmed the top of my glasses with coarse sugar for a fun twist!"

If you'd like a showcase of of how I created this drink then click the link below!

Watch It Here

Well, that's all I got for now folks! This margarita is sure to elevate your next summer soirée! Be sure to follow me on all things social and DM me photos of you toasting your "Watermelon Sugar High Margaritas!"

Cheers and until next time....


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