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10 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Lifestyle

The ultimate guide for any modern day woman in her 30s & beyond who wants to easily achieve a more sophisticated lifestyle.

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I don't know what it is lately, but I'm in this period of my life where I want to really reinvent myself. It could be the fact that the 30s era forces you to really hone in on who you are and who you want to be. Or it could simply be a quarter-life-crisis haha, but I'm gonna go with the self-discovery! Now, just to clarify, I'm not looking to go from regular schmegular Stephanie to something that I'm not. Not planning on busting out and becoming a hardcore extrovert anytime soon! But I definitely want to step more into my own and rediscover who I am, and who I'm becoming as a woman in her 30s.

The truth is we never stop growing, learning, or evolving, but as we grow and become wiser we realize that our time here is short, and we're responsible for making the best out of our time here on earth. This is why I encourage celebrations so much! No, it's not just for my business Mariage Blanc Designs, but I genuinely enjoy making beautiful celebrations that create beautiful, lasting memories. Having said that, I've most recently had the yearning to make my entire lifestyle so beautiful and luxurious that I find pleasures in the most simplistic and basic everyday things because they are the key to this elevated lifestyle approach that I speak of.

Now please don't get it twisted...I am not boarding my own private jet plane or sailing on my own luxury yacht in St. Tropez...YET(!!!) Haha!! Those are pretty awesome perks for those that can sustain that lifestyle, however, that isn't quite the lifestyle that I'm referring to. I am referring to life's little simple pleasures, and sharing my tips to what works for me, and may work for you also. I mean I've been told lately that I'm glowing (and, no, there is no bun in the oven), so these tips must be working right? So without further ado, check out my 10 Simple Tips To Elevate Your Lifestyle below!


1.) Positive Thoughts

So you're probably like "Omg please don't be one of those woo-woo blog posts that speak a lot of fluff" right? Well, trust me, it isn't, cause I don't do fluff. But I cannot create what I call an ultimate guide without mentioning that it's imperative that you speak life into yourself! That means constantly training your brain to garner positive thoughts, affirmations, self-help guides/lists (like this one (!!!)), and whatever else you have to do to get your mind right, and be in the right frame of mind as much as possible. This can be done in a variety of ways, but my primary method involves saving and saying powerful prayers, quotes, and phrases that truly resonate and speak life into me. More specifically, one of the ways I do this, is with my Pinterest Board titled Prayers & Praise, and Life Advice. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest if you're so inclined and think this method would resonate with you as well. You can also practice positive thoughts by going to therapy, practicing meditation techniques, or posting positive notes in each room of your home.

2.) Retail Therapy

I don't know what it is, but lately, I've been bit hard by the shopping bug. I'll shamelessly admit that I've always enjoyed shopping new trends, and I may or may not have a teeny bit of issue with retail therapy, (sometimes shopping just makes me feel better y'all!!! And, YES, that's OK! as long as it's done responsibly). But, I can't lie, I have really been enjoying curating my "30s era" wardrobe closet as of late. I mean, I'll just keep it all the way real and say that I was no longer feeling excited nor comfortable wearing all the pieces I was accustomed to wearing throughout my 20s. Nothing wrong with still wearing what you've worn in your 20s by the way! (Cause I definitely still have a few pieces) It's just that now being in my 30s, I have definitely found myself wanting to develop a more updated and uniquely curated, signature style, which has been so much fun! I now shop with way more intention (which saves me lots of coins by the way (!!!)), and now I focus more on investing in staple pieces in my wardrobe, meanwhile leaving a lot of the fast fashion trends as a thing of the past. Currently, I'm building a capsule wardrobe, and have been investing in quality pieces, so that my clothing items last more than 1-2 washes or wears (sorry Forever 21, but 21 isn't forever Haha!!). Listen, I could go on and on and can create an entire blog post on the topic of fashion pieces and fabrics alone, so if you're interested in me writing a blog post about my staple wardrobe pieces and my advice when shopping to find your signature style, then be sure to leave me a comment! By the way, just in case you're wondering (cause nearly everyone in NYC stopped to ask for details on this Zara dress in the above pic, I got it on sale for $39.95 (!!!)), and it's already sold out :-(, but here is a link to a comparable paisley outfit that might do the trick!

3.) Smell Like a Million Bucks

So I believe that if you're creating a bomb signature look, it needs to be paired with a bomb signature scent. I've always coined DKNY Cashmere Mist as my signature scent and I still do to this day! One reason for this is because I suffer from severe allergies that make it extremely difficult for me to sustain strong perfume odors on my person for an extended period of time (No, seriously, I get dizzy and super nauseous. Like it's really this whole big thing. Ugh). But DKNY's Cashmere Mist has always been my #1 perfume that checks all my boxes without making me feel dizzy. The scent smells luxe, refined, light, and long-lasting without the negative effects (Disclaimer: At least it does for me, but you'll have to find what works best for you since everyone's body reacts differently and can alter the chemical balance and overall scent of the fragrance).

Needless to say, I've revived my love of perfumes as of late, and have added to my staple collection. There is no more of me saving my perfumes for some special occasion. I literally wear my perfumes everyday according to whatever mood I'm in or want to feel. More specifically, Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' (obsessed, and literally wear it everyday. If you're like me and need something light enough that won't give you a migraine, you're probably gonna love it too!); Carolina Herrera 'Very Good Girl' (Ok, so major confession...I got this as a Christmas gift, and I totally requested it cause the bottle is stunning! I mean c'mon it's a red shoe for Pete's sake, and I am a total sucker for beautiful packaging, butttttt it isn't for the faint of heart. What I mean is, it's an extremely strong fragrance that did end up giving me an all-day migraine. Totally my fault (!!!), but I couldn't give the gift back, and I still high-key love the packaging (Haha!!!) So what I did was find a way to wear it differently by spraying it on my special occasion coats a few days prior to wearing them. The fragrance was made for fall/winter seasons, so this has worked perfectly for me!); and lastly, my Yves Saint Laurent 'Intense' (Now you're probably like girl didn't you just get a migraine and now you're buying a perfume called Intense?! Haha!! But it isn't bad at all. Promise. It is definitely on the stronger side, but I feel like it is way more muskier, which I tend to gravitate towards, and it's easily tolerable for me (I don't know maybe I'm just weird)). It also smells like someone's rich cousin or auntie, which is definitely the vibes we're always going for). I have a slew of other perfumes I love, but I won't bore you. If you'd like me to do a post on them with my top 10 description breakdowns (Maybe I'll do like a holiday post...??), then please leave a comment below!

If you're thinking...Perfumes are super pricey girl, and how is an expensive bottle of YSL or Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume giving me luxury in spite of inflation? I have a little secret to get around that. I too fall victim to wanting to try all the perfumes that I always hear rave reviews about, but I don't wanna invest in the wrong ones especially when I suffer from severe allergies and migraines. How do I get my around that you ask? Well the answer is perfume samples! More specifically, I purchase luxury perfume samples in bulk (like approximately 12-14 at a time) on for what feels like pennies! Once I get a whiff of what it smells like, I either love it and purchase the full bottle or leave it and give it to someone who might love it. I've given this tip to lots of brides who are interested in signature scents for their wedding day. They are usually so shocked they never knew of this, but grateful for this tip!

4.) Health Is Wealth

As we grow older, we realize that our bodies don't just jump back from partying out late, being sick, or from a session at the gym, like they used to. That is just what it is, but it doesn't mean we just give up, give in, and stay there! Rather, it means that we need to take the proper protocol to help us achieve our own level of greatness in whatever capacity that it. Hence, why I am a big believer in vitamin supplements, ginger shots, exercise, and whatever else method helps you to feel your absolute best! After all, when you take care of yourself on the inside, it reflects on the outside as well. If you're interested in knowing some of the vitamin supplements that I live buy check out my Amazon Store, and knock yourself out! Especially, my immunity ginger shots cause as soon as I feel a pesky anything coming on, I throw back one of these bad boys and I'm good to go! I also take them after my gym or boxing sessions for a boost to my immune system after an intense workout. If you follow me on IG then you've seen me post them quite frequently after my gym sessions. I wouldn't be standing behind it if I didn't wholeheartedly believe that they help me to feel my best.

5.) Glowy Skincare Routine

Remember how I said working on your inside would reflect on your outside? Well the previous tips were the accoutrement to the outside, but THIS...this is literally taking care of the largest organ of your body. I'll keep this one short and sweet because hopefully you've had somewhat of a solid skincare routine that stemmed from your early 20s and only progressed with time. Unfortunately, I've carried a bit of my high school hormonal skin into my 30s. What's up with that anyway?! Luckily, because I've always been a skincare product junkie, I've found what works best for my super oily/combination skin, and for my followers that always ask about my skincare routine, or inquiring minds in general...Well, it's always been good ole faithful ProActiv, and I've added other additional staples to really elevate my routine because ProActiv alone doesn't quite cut it for my skin. ProActiv helps to stop my acne before it starts, meanwhile my added staples help to fade unsightly blemishes from any acne scarring, which is critical for me since I fall victim to hyperpigmentation. These added staple products also help to give me a natural glow. I often get a lot of compliments on how I keep my skin looking so youthful, so if you want me to get super detailed with which products I use, and how I use them then please let me know in the comments below! For now, I'll just say that they include the brands Estee Lauder, Sunday Riley, Drunken Elephant, Pixi, and natural turmeric and papaya soaps.

6.) Selfcare & Grooming Maintenance

Ahh!!! Selfcare...One of the most overlooked past times, until social media made it into this big thing and now you're stressed about how your selfcare is suppose to look like. Don't worry, I totally understand cause I've been there, and ended up being more stressed when my selfcare day didn't end up being or feeling as glamorous as what I constantly saw portrayed. But please understand, what I learned is that your designated selfcare day or even selfcare activities can be whatever you want it to be! And it should be whatever makes you happy, such as reading a book or magazine, enjoying a slice of chocolate cake, shopping, gardening, getting mani/pedi, taking a nap etc. Don't fall victim to what social media is forcing you to think it is. For example, I'm not one who fairs well with professional massages. Maybe I've just haven't had a life changing one by a world-renowned Swedish masseuse yet, or maybe it's just my anxiety that won't let me relax, but I end up getting even more tense during and after a professional massage session. I prefer either a personal massage from my significant other or using a massage machine (which by the way, I swear by this one from Amazon massager. Seriously, I use it after every event I do and it been a lifesaver).

Anyway, make your selfcare day something that makes yourself happy. Whether that's a wax appointment, eyebrows, hair, or all of them! Just make sure to schedule them! Whether it's an at home mani (I use this UV LED Nail Lamp for my at-home gel manicures by the way; and use these fun nail press-ons when in-between the weird growth stage or just growing them out; Disclaimer: FYI Packaging says it'll last 7 days, but it's always been 2-3 for me, personally) or one at your local nail salon. And, definitely, be sure to set a monthly or biweekly schedule for your self-care activities. It's so freakin important (!!!) cause you look your best when you feel your best! Honestly, I still struggle with my selfcare routine and I have to check myself when I'm not feeling so great and need that pick me up. But, luckily, I'm getting better at it! By the way, a great tip is to schedule those appointments well in advance, so that you're not tempted to get lazy with your selfcare maintenance routine!

7.) Reset Cleaning Day

Ok so I know #8 is not so glamorous but it is definitely necessary! Cause while the process of cleaning isn't the most luxurious, the way I feel afterwards totally is. Kinda like after a shower and laying in freshly washed sheets. I don't know if it's only me, but I tend to very much enjoy cleaning day. Maybe I may not like the actual process of scrubbing tile walls and floor, and doing dishes, but many times my jam sessions and using my broom as a my personal mic to my imaginary audience in the midst of cleaning (haha!!!) help make the process way more fun and enjoyable! Like I said, the cleaning process may not be too luxurious but the after effect of a clean home is!

8.) Dating Yourself

So I'm going to keep it 1000% real (like I always do). I don't know why dating oneself has become this "new trend" as of late. I been doing this since my early 20s. My introverted ways could be to blame, or just me enjoying the peace of my own company. Whatever it is, when I schedule a day out alone with myself, it is when I am able to do some self-recharging and brainstorm ideas on any new projects that I'm working on. Dating yourself can look different for everyone. For me, it usually involves a restaurant (blame this on my Taurus sun sign Haha). But it could be a simple Starbucks brainstorm session, or enjoying a movie that you've been itching to see (By the way, I just saw Top Gun Maverick and it was a 10 outta 10 Highly recommed!) Whatever the reason, make sure you give yourself sufficient time to dating yourself and falling in love with who you are! Now this may not be for everyone, even though I feel everyone deserves and needs a little peace and quiet every once in a while. If you're not yet bold enough to go out alone, then definitely schedule brunch/lunch/dinner dates with one or more of your close friends. And dating oneself isn't just for single people. Trust me when I say, it's for everyoneee cause we all need some time alone every now and again!

9.) Quick Getaways

Whether it's Key West, a cabin in the Poconos, parading down the French Quarter in NOLA, or taking an evening stroll in Savannah's Monterey Square. All of these ideas sound like fun and relaxing vacay getaways that don't involve too much work to put together. Quick getaways like these are ideal for someone like me who may enjoy a little adventure and want to see as much of the world as possible, but may be limited with scheduling time constraints (I do plan weddings and soirées after all). Quick getaways tend to be just what I need when I'm overwhelmed with my workload and the day-to-day of life and chores in general. I suggest trying to schedule these quarterly or even something every 1-2 months if you're up for it!

10.) Gift Me Please:

So you're probably like wait what?? Here me out, remember how I said I may have a teeny problem with retail therapy? Well I have implemented a few ways of combatting said problem (so that I don't incur massive debt of course Haha!!) and it's to set up a way where I can shop guilt-free. I know I know...You're probably like girl bye! (Haha!!!) So lemme explain...Now fortunately, I am blessed with people in my life who spoil me when it comes to my birthday and holiday season, and so I take it as an ideal opportunity to request what I really want. Yes, I know it's the thought that counts and, yes, I know I shouldn't dictate what anyone gives me yada..yada...yada. You're absolutely right, but one belief that I stand by is to always give a gift that you know for sure that the recipient will love and use, or then what's the point?? I say all this because much of the quality retail pieces I fall in love with tend to fall under the designer category, and well sometimes those prices really be PRICING! So what's the solution? Balance it out in moderation of course! When I get gifts I tend to request gift cards to my favorite stores i.e. Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, or Saks Fifth. This way if I've been eyeing a particular piece all year on my wishlist, I totally feel like I didn't purchase it for the whole retail price when I use my gift card. Hey don't knock it till u try it. I know it's a bit of a waiting game, but I also am one to hold on to my gift cards and apply several of them to 1 big purchase.

Well guys...That's all for now! I really hope you found these tips extremely helpful! Be sure to share this blog with your family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else who you think could benefit from elevating their lifestyle! Also if you enjoyed this blog post, then this is just tip of the iceberg of what I have to offer in my blog! Make sure to join my VIP list so that you're in the know of all our juicy tea, tips, wedding & event package specials, and more lifestyle content. Get on the VIP list here.

Disclaimer: Although, everything I share is my truth, this post contains affiliate links. This means that I may earn a commission should you choose to make a purchase using my link. No worries, I wouldn't recommend anything that I don't wholeheartedly stand by!

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