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Summer Daze: Where Have I Been?!

Where Do I Even Begin??? I Got BIG NEWS Y'ALL!

Photo Credit: Christine Michelle Photography

Heyyy Guys!!!

AHHHH!!!! So I know its been a longggg time coming since I've checked in! But life has been LIFIN' and if I'm being totally honest with you, I have been living my best life, and really enjoying loving on those who love on me consistently.

But more recently, I did take a step back to get more introspective and really reel in what it was that I truly wanted out of my life. I definitely feel as though society's standards has a way of imposing where you need to be in life, what you need to be doing, and who you need to be doing it with.

Needless to say, I tend to scoff at the perpetual societal pressures and demands for the most part because, I, for one, believe in divine timing, and I really want to live in the NOW and take advantage of my life in the stage that it's in...NOW.

(So fast forward...)

That meant I wanted to take a break from certain commissioned projects and put a pause on accepting new clients in exchange for personal passion projects that I've always had my heart set on, but had placed on the back burner due to other obligations and lack of time. More specifically, I wanted to reverberate on other areas of my brand and business that focused more on lifestyle. Additionally, on top of that, I wanted to spend more time with my family and friends instead of always politely declining their life's milestones because I had another event to facilitate.

Andddd, I had totally lost touch with the idea that one of my sole objectives of being an entrepreneur was to allow me the freedom to do JUST THAT! Anyways...What I'm trying to say is that this live. laugh. love. moment of reflection...

allowed me to see clearly on a lot of the things I truly wanted for my life. Things like traveling, starting new hobbies, fitness, seeking and creating financial freedom (Cause Sidenote: If nobody told you...Running a business cost a lot of money chilllleee and the bills don't stop just because one decides to take a break😩).

So anyway...Having said all-of-that, I'll get even more detailed and announce what my latest plans & ventures have been in the next email. So stay tuned, but until then cheers! 🥂

PS: Don't worry cause Mariage Blanc Designs is still here to stay in all its glory and ya girl can and WILL still throw the chicest shindig because that is still one of my greatest passions! I've worked too damn hard to ever let that go haha!! I'm also still going to give you all the tea, tips, & tricks on weddings & soirées! The only thing that's changed, is that I'm expounding upon other areas of my business, which will hone into more facets of my personal lifestyle and encompass even more gems that I wanna share with you. So I'm hoping that you'll continue to support me and come along for my journey! Til next time! Au revoir with confetti! 🥳

By the way, if you aren't signed up as a VIP Guest then what are you doing(?!), and make sure you do so that you don't miss any of my latest news!!!). Sign Up Here!

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